How it all began...

In early 2014 our founder, Julian, set out on what was supposed to be a single trip to volunteer at an Austrian orphanage in Cambodia. This orphanage took care of nearly fifty children and was run locally by twelve Cambodian employees. This trip ignited a passion in Julian through the deep relationships he forged with the children of this orphanage. Since then he has returned every year for nearly a decade. The children of this village have come to view Julian as not only a family member but a source of stability in their lives. And in return, Julian has found a large Cambodian family and a deep appreciation of Cambodian culture.


Once the children matriculate out of the orphanage program they are not afforded continued care and do not have a family or social services to guide them into adulthood. Julian realized that he could bridge that gap for the children that he met in his travels by founding this organization, and so Thomlang – Cambodian Youth Support was created in 2021. 


This organization was founded to support primarily, but not exclusively, the dozens of individuals that Julian met during his time in Cambodia. He is hoping to not only continue to provide emotional support but also financial support for these children as they transition into adulthood.