Aung’s Student Job

Aung grew up in an orphanage in rural Cambodia. His brother and grandmother are the only living close relatives that he has, which means that he doesn’t have a lot of people in his life that he can turn to for advice or professional guidance.

This put him in a particularly difficult situation when he wanted to find a part-time job to gain work experience. Aung was faced with uncertainty, as he was never taught how to write resumes, cover letters, or where to search for job openings.

Thomlang – Cambodian Youth Support was able to help the 21-year-old student through the entire process of finding a job. We assisted Aung in creating his first e-mail address and writing his resume and cover letter.

Aung is a first-year Architecture student. At this point, it is too soon for him to apply for internships or jobs that are related to his major. Therefore, we mutually decided to apply for jobs that will ensure a smooth transition into the workforce by laying the foundation for a healthy work ethic and time management skills.

Please read his story in his own words:

Hello everybody!

My name is Aung and I would like to tell you about my new student job! I’m very glad that I have this job.

At first, I didn’t know how I can find jobs and what to do to apply. But I got the best help from Julian. Julian is my brother and he found this job for me and taught me how to apply. He showed me the location, did a lot of research, and prepared me for the interview. I had the interview in August and passed it immediately.

I like this job very much because it allows me to get a lot of new experiences. I started my work as a cashier and seller in the grocery store in August. Last month I got a promotion and now I also work as an office assistant for my boss.
When I am not so busy with my university I work full-time, but when I have to study a lot my boss gives me a lot of time off.

I really enjoy my work!
Thank you all so much!

All the best,

CYS was able to connect Aung with a job at a grocery store that is run by Taiwanese managers to support Cambodian farmers and local products. He quickly stood out to his boss due to his punctuality, commitment, reliability and work ethic and was therefore promoted to be the manager’s office assistant.

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* Note: CYS is currently not paying for this student’s tuition fee, as he receives a scholarship from another NGO