Giving Rasmey Access To Virtual Lessons

During the COVID19 pandemic is was more important than ever for students to have access to the internet. In Cambodia, all schools have been physically boarded to students, and classes have been held virtually.

Eighth grader Rasmey, who lives in rural Kampot with his younger brother, wouldn’t have been able to participate in his school’s online lessons. His mother works at a factory in Phnom Penh, but, despite her tireless efforts, the purchase of a smartphone would have been a big financial burden for the family.

Thomlang – Cambodian Youth Support was approached with Rasmey’s story and decided to support the 14-year-old. Through your donations, CYS was able to provide him with a smartphone so that he could continue his daily classes and finish Eighthth grade in December.

This upcoming year will be Rasmey’s last year at Secondary school. After that, CYS will continue to support him with his studies at high school.

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