Srey May’s Last Bachelor’s Degree Semester

Like many young Cambodians, Srey May was not in a position in which she could have afforded higher education. The financial burden of university tuition fees presented an obstacle that the 24-year-old orphan was unable to overcome by herself.

Take a look back at the letter, that Srey May wrote last year:

Dear supporters,

My name is Srey May Ngen and I am 24 years old. I work as an accountant for a small business in Sihanoukville. My dream is to get a Bachelor’s degree in Management. With this kind of education, I can have better jobs in the future.

My ultimate goal is to open my own personal business in the future. Until then I hope to gather a lot of experience in interesting and sophisticated jobs.

Thanks to this NGO I am now studying at the University of Management and Economics in Sihanoukville. I need help from this NGO to study because I don’t have enough money to pay the fee by myself. And I also don’t have parents or siblings to support me.
That’s why I want to thank this NGO so much for sponsoring my studies.

Thank you so much!
All the best from,

Srey May

Besides covering her university tuition and other education-related costs, Thomlang – Cambodian Youth Support was able to support Srey May further through the purchase of a moto. Public transportation does not exist in Sihanoukville and now that university classes are not held virtually but in classrooms, it is important for young students, especially girls, to be able to commute to and back from school safely.

Through our support with investments like motos, which are crucial in every Cambodian’s day-to-day life, we prevent students like Srey May from taking out loans at a young age. This will ensure that they will be able to continuously increase their financial stability.

Srey May is currently in her last semester of her Bachelor’s program and has been passing each of her final exams with ease. She has great potential and works hard for a bright and prosperous future.

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