Khmer New Year 2023

Khmer New Year is a three-day long public holiday which took place from April 14th through 16th. The celebration traditionally marks the end of harvest season and the start of raining season and is an occasion for Cambodians to visit their hometowns and organize family gatherings. 

Take a look at how our students and beneficiaries are celebrating the new year!

Each year follows the Chinese zodiac and this new year will be the year of the rabbit, which is believed to be a sign of peace, longevity, and prosperity. 

During the holidays, Cambodians like to attend traditional ceremonies at pagodas, offering donations and food offerings to monks and their ancestors’ spirits. It is a time of celebration and joy, with a lot of traditions including fun activities like card games, water fights, board games, and covering each other in baby powder.

We are wishing a Happy Khmer New Year to all of our students and beneficiaries!

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