English Course Progress

As we have shown throughout the past three years, we have enrolled numerous students in English language programs at the Australian Center for Education. We find it extremely important to cater to all of our students’ needs and encourage them to acquire English language proficiency, as foreign language skills are an incredibly useful asset in Cambodia’s growing labor market.


At the Australian Center for Education, our students go through 12 levels in the General English Program before taking the IELTS and receiving an official language certificate. Afterward, they have the option to better their communication skills even further in specific diploma courses, such as public speaking, business communications, and academic reading and writing.


All of our students have scored great results, as they pass through the increasingly difficult language levels while juggling their university schedules and part-time jobs or internships. Srey Nich is the first one to complete all 12 levels and will be rewarded with a course completion certificate soon. Chovey is currently preparing for the IELTS, while students Saratna, Ganchena, Gung, and Ratana are currently in upper-intermediate course levels.

Srey Nich

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