Motos for our Students

In a country as poor as Cambodia, people deal with the lack of good infrastructure on an everyday basis. Whether it is avoiding accidents caused by potholes, maneuvering on dirt roads in harsh weather conditions, or finding yourself unable to cross a road due to heavy flooding, not a single day goes by without Cambodia’s roads causing one problem or another. On top of that, the country lacks a public transportation system, which creates yet another challenge for Cambodians, as there are no means to commute to and from school or work and run daily errands – unless you own a moto that is.

Because of these circumstances, Thomlang – Cambodian Youth Supports donates motos to students, as it is a basic necessity for them to be able to attend school. Throughout the years, we have donated more than a dozen motos in an effort to enable our students and beneficiaries to get through their daily routines. Whether it is recent high school graduates, like Sotoate, Theara, Yean, and Panha, who need motos to navigate through the big city of Phnom Penh to attend university, Vechuk, who is a mother of three and has to be able to buy groceries or medicine at the market while her husband Puy is studying in trade school, or Makara and Srey Oun, who juggle their daytime jobs in Accounting and Finance with weekend university – all of them would not have any other options to get from A to B.

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