Makara’s Bachelor’s Degree

Makara has faced many hardships already in his young life, having lost his parents at an early age. Fortunately, none of them have ever led him to lose his determination. Makara is incredibly intelligent, talented, and has an unmatched motivational drive to obtain an academic degree in order to better his future prospects.

The financial burden that tuition fees bring upon young Cambodians, however, would have prevented Makara from enrolling in university. With your support we were able to cover the cost of his tuition, and other prohibiting expenses.

Please read Makara's story in his own words:

Dear Julian and dear supporters from Thomlang – Cambodian Youth Support,

How are you? I hope you are fine and you are staying safe in your country during this difficult time.

My name is Makara. I’m 22 years old and I come from Takeo, Cambodia.Last year I finished a diploma at the Don Bosco school in Kep. I learned about business subjects, such as accounting, computer, and business English. I really like these subjects a lot.

After I received my diploma, my dream was to study more. I want to study at university because I want to improve my knowledge and my skills. I know that I will have many great possibilities in the future if I have a Bachelor’s degree from a university.

However, I don’t have parents to support me to study at university. Right now I’m staying with my uncle. I can live there, but he has to take care of my cousins, so he cannot support me more.

This is what led me to ask for your help.

Thanks to your support, I can study Accounting and Finance at the Regional Polytechnic Institute Techo Sen University in Kampot. I was able to skip the first 2 years because of my diploma. So now I am a student in the 3rd year. I am so happy to study this subject because my dream is to work for a company, a bank, or maybe even the state in the future.

I want to say thank you to all of you again and again. Without you, this would be impossible for me.

With lots of love,

Makara is now balancing weekend classes and a full-time work schedule. He will be able to leverage his work experience to gain a better position in his future career following his graduation. Through his work experience he is also able to narrow down on where his passions will lead him professionally.

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