English Lessons For Srey Nich And Gung

Cambodia has been known for having one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. In such a rapidly developing city as Phnom Penh, we are committed to equipping our students with as many qualifications as they need for this increasingly competitive local job market.

Gung is a psychology student and Srey Nich is a management student, both in the second year of their Bachelor’s programs. They not only share great ambition and dedication to their education, but also a large interest in becoming leaders in their communities and having a positive impact on people’s lives in their country. They have the common goal to work for international organizations in the future.

This is why CYS decided to support these two students by enrolling them in a professional English language school, the Australian Centre for Education, where they can improve their English skills and receive a language certificate once they complete all courses.

Please read below what motivates Srey Nich and Gung to study at ACE:

Hello everybody!

I am so grateful that you all support Gung and me to study at the Australian Centre for Education! There were so many reasons why we wanted to register for their English classes. For one, ACE is the best English school in Phnom Penh. Many students want to get their English certificates here. ACE offers a lot of good lectures and great teachers that teach us in writing, listening, reading, and speaking.

For us, the best reason to study there is that they will give us a certificate after we finish all 12 levels. We can use this certificate to apply to study or work in other countries and to apply to work for international organizations in our country.

So we want to say thank you so much for all of your help! It is so kind of you to support us!

All the best,
Srey Nich & Gung

By financing these classes and supporting Srey Nich and Gung in obtaining an official language certificate, CYS is able to lay an important foundation for their professional careers. Being fluent in both, spoken and written English will open many doors for Srey Nich and Gung in the future.

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*Note: CYS is currently not covering these student’s university tuition fees, they receive university scholarships from another NGO