A Chicken Farm For Srey Pit’s Family

Srey Pit’s last few months have been particularly burdensome due to the fact that the restaurant, where she used to work at, had to close down due to COVID19 restrictions. Left with no income, and as the sole provider for not only herself but also her little cousin and her grandmother, she approached CYS for financial aid.

CYS has been supporting Srey Pit and her family throughout the duration of the lockdown. However, besides emergency assistance, it is one of our highest priorities to seek long-term solutions and make sustainable investments. Through working as a team and listening to Srey Pit’s and her family’s needs, we found a way to provide a sustainable source of income for her grandmother.

CYS was able to supply Srey Pit and her grandmother with a small chicken coop and chickens so that Srey Pit’s grandmother can start a small poultry farm. Once the animals are raised, they can be sold in the neighborhood or the local market. This way, Srey Pit’s grandmother is granted a stable income even long after COVID19 restrictions will be lifted in Cambodia.

Meanwhile, we are discussing the next steps with Srey Pit and will be assisting her on her job search in Phnom Penh, as businesses are slowly allowed to reopen.

The Covid pandemic has been challenging for all of us. Sadly, hundreds of thousands of Cambodians fell back below the poverty line as their job security and financial stability vanished virtually overnight. We will continue to stay invested in order to ensure that Srey Pit, her cousin, and her grandmother will not encounter food insecurity or other existential crisis alike.

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