Srey Oun’s First Semester

One of the things that makes Thomlang – Cambodian Youth Support unique is the fact, that we keep very close relationships with the students that we support. We have become important figures in their lives and make it our priority to stay invested and consistently look after their well-being.

It makes us very proud to see our students follow their dreams, gain confidence and succeed. One recent example of this is Srey Oun, who has been encouraged by CYS to enroll in university to obtain a Master’s degree.

I think about my future a lot and I want to study more. I would like to get a Master’s degree in Management. Why do I want to get a Master’s degree? Because I want to develop my knowledge and my ability for my future“, she says in her letter. 
Then I know I will have a good job and can support myself and my family“.

Read our first blog post about Srey Oun’s Master degree and her full length letter here:

Srey Oun started her first semester in January and has proven to be an amazing student. On top of covering her tuition fee, CYS was able to provide her with a smartphone, so that she can participate in all of her online classes easily. She passed her semester finals with a 94% score, making her one of the top students in her class.

Srey Oun just started her second semester and continues to balance weekend classes with her full-time job.

Sadly, however, Srey Oun’s job has been heavily impacted by the Corona pandemic. Her salary was cut drastically during this time, and she found herself unable to pay back her student loan every month, which she took out a few years ago in order to pay for her Bachelor’s degree.

In her letter, she says “I was happy to study, but because my family cannot support me I borrowed some money from my workplace. I still have to pay back 710$. I am slowly repaying this loan with part of my salary every month.

CYS has stepped in by supporting Srey Oun through repaying this loan for her over the last few month. CYS has covered 210$ so far and will continue to repay her loan until she receives her full salary again. Through this support, CYS is able to prevent Srey Oun’s life from being further derailed by COVID19.

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