Seyla’s Frog Farm

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Seyla had always dreamt of becoming a business owner with his wife Srey Nong. They had previously taken on several jobs at casinos and clothing factories in Cambodia’s southern coastal city Sihanoukville in order to save up some money for their joint future business venture. Their sudden COVID19-related unemployment, however, accelerated their decision in moving back to their hometown in Kampot and becoming self-employed.

It has been proven time and time again, that opening a small local business provides a reliable long-term source of income for people in rural Cambodia. Frog meat is a beloved ingredient in Khmer dishes, which is why Seyla planned to capitalize on that high demand.

CYS was able to support the couple in opening up their own frog farm. We provided them with the funds necessary to build tanks and purchase tadpoles and frogs. Once they are grown, Seyla will be able to sell them to local restaurants and food markets.

Please read his story in his own words below:

Dear supporters of Thomlang – Cambodian Youth Support,
Dear Julian,

My name is Seyla. Throughout the past year, I worked at a factory in Sihanoukville. But it was difficult because everything was closed due to COVID19. I started earning less and less money and it was difficult for my wife Srey Nong and I to cover the costs for our room and food. Soon after that, we were both unemployed. I don’t have any family that can support me in a difficult time like this.
We decided to stop looking for new jobs in Sihanoukville because this year the situation is very difficult in Cambodia. Instead, we wanted to pursue our goal of opening a small business together.

We had been planning on starting a frog business because we know that this is very profitable. However, in the past, we never had enough money to do it.

Thanks to your support, we are able to follow through with our plans this year. Now we have up to 2000 frogs and we feed them and take care of them every day. They are getting very big, so I think I can sell some of them next month. We will sell them along with some vegetables that we are planting to the market.

I am so grateful that you supported me in starting my own business. I hope that my wife and I will be very successful with this and that we never have to worry about lives again. Thank you so much for everything!

I wish you all good luck and please stay safe!
Best wishes,


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