Srey Nek’s and Yean’s High School Tuition

Siblings Srey Nek and Yean live with their single mother Phors, who has worked very hard throughout the past years to provide for both of them. Recently, however, the small family has had to face a major financial crisis, when Phors found herself out of work and therefore unable to continue to pay her children’s monthly high school tuition.  

Thomlang – Cambodian Youth Support stepped in to secure these students’ education through the coverage of their monthly tuition payments and the distribution of school supplies. Srey Nek is 20 years old and currently in grade 12, which means that she will graduate later this year. Yean is 16 years old and studies in grade 11. Both are very studious and ambitious young people with great potential and big dreams of one day enrolling in university. 

Please read Srey Nek’s short message below:

Hello everybody! I’m Srey Nek. My brother Yean and I live with our mother but we don’t have a father. Now our mother is very poor and we can’t afford to go to school anymore. 

Studying is very important to us because we want to have a great future ahead of us. I will graduate grade 12 in December and my dream is to go study in university to become a lawyer. But if I cannot continue to go to school now then I cannot reach my goal. I am very worried about that.

So we are very happy and thankful that this NGO supports us with our school fees and our school supplies. Now Yean and I can continue to study in high school.

Thank you so much!!
With Love,
Srey Nek

CYS will stay in close contact with Srey Nek and Yean and ensure that they have all the school supplies that they need to continue with their education. We are also planning on supporting Srey Nek in obtaining a law degree at university, starting next year. 

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