Srey Nich’s Chinese Class

Language skills are crucial in any growing capital as they attract international businesses, companies, and organizations that typically provide higher-paying job opportunities than local Cambodian ones do at the moment. Therefore, Thomlang – Cambodian Youth Support always aims to encourage young students to enroll in international language schools in order to improve their skillset for a globalized labor market.

We had been planning on supporting Srey Nich with learning a third language for more than a year. However, we felt she needed to ensure that her English reaches an advanced level before starting to focus on an entirely new language. Therefore, we have been supporting the 22-year-old Management student with the coverage of English lessons at the Australian Center for Education.

Now that she has proven to be proficient enough in English, Srey Nich realized her dream and started taking a Chinese language course at the Cambodia-Asean International Institute in Phnom Penh.

Read about her experience below!

Hello! I’m Srey Nich and I’m very glad to tell you about my Chinese class.

Currently, I am studying Chinese at the Cam-Asean Institue in Level 2. I have been studying there since February. My classes are on the weekend. On Saturday I study from 1-5:30pm and on Sunday I study from 8-12:30. There are a lot of students in my class, I think we are about 30 people. I have two teachers and both of them are very nice.

The Chinese language is not easy but I also don’t find it too difficult. I have to learn a new alphabet, new grammar, and a lot of vocabulary, but I promise that I will study hard. I can already write my name in Chinese, here it is: 南淑苧. It means beautiful and kind girl.

The reason why I decided to study Chinese is because I think that I will really need it for a good job in Cambodia. After all, the job market is very competitive nowadays. Also, I want to use it to be able to communicate with more people. So far, I have enjoyed and loved my classes very much.

I want to thank all of the people who support this NGO for giving the students like me the opportunity to get important skills and knowledge for my future.

Thank you!
All the best,
Srey Nich

Thomlang – CYS will continue to cover Srey Nich’s tuition and provide her with school supplies through graduation.

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