Community Project at the Teb Vimean Primary School

Last year, Thomlang – Cambodian Youth Support teamed up with the Cambodian organization Clear Cambodia and helped fund the construction of a water filter system and hand washing station at the Teb Vimean Primary School in rural Kampot.

This year, we were able to continue our partnership with the Teb Vimean village through funding important maintenance work at the primary school.

Eight teachers and 133 students use the facilities at the Teb Vimean Primary School daily. Unlike many other schools in rural areas, the director of the Teb Vimean Primary School gathered local donations to build toilets for the children a few years ago. However, the roof deteriorated over the years, which made the toilets unsafe for students during the rainy season. Therefore, CYS funded a new roof for the students’ toilets.  

Additionally, we were able to realize one of the school director’s long-awaited plans and constructed a small soccer and sports field in front of the school. Now, the primary school children can exercise and play games in between classes, which is important for both their physical and mental well-being as well as their educational success.

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