Srey May’s & Chovey’s Graduation

Earlier this year, the University of Management and Economics in Sihanoukville held a big graduation ceremony to reward graduates from the past two years with their official degrees. This included two of our students, Chovey and Srey May, who completed Bachelor’s programs in Accounting and Management respectively.

Throughout the years, we were able to use your donations to cover both girls’ university tuition and other education-related costs. We are extremely proud to see their progress and celebrate the achievements, that they worked tirelessly for, with them.

Read their messages about their graduation below!

Dear sponsors,

This year, I finished my Bachelor’s degree in Management. When I graduated, I was very happy and proud of myself. It was very important for me, that I received this form of education because it changed my future forever. I will be able to work in companies and make use of my knowledge, skills, and talent.

I want to thank this organization for helping and supporting me until this graduation. Thank you so much.

With love, 
Srey May

Dear Cambodian Youth Support,

My name is Chovey. As you know, I got a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting. My motivation to study at university was, that I want to have a lot of education to be a productive and successful person in the future. Education never ends, you can learn until the end of your life. The more you study, the more successful you will be. Knowledge is very important and a university degree is proof to show that you studied hard.

My next plan after I received my Bachelor’s degree was to continue to study a Master’s degree. I chose to get an MBA in Management, because that’s my favorite subject, and started studying already. I wish to get more achievements after I graduate.

Thank you so much for always motivating me to study and for supporting my education!

I wish you good health and a lot of happiness in your life.
Best wishes,

We are very proud of both students and all the hard work, that they put into building a better future for themselves. We are committed to continuing to support their next endeavors to ensure, that they can reach all of their individual goals and gain all qualifications for promising job prospects as well as full financial independence.  

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