Srey Pit is a Certified Makeup Artist

Two years ago, we helped Srey Pit enroll in a beauty school in Cambodia’s capital Phnom Penh. After many years of being the sole provider for her grandmother and her cousin, constantly taking up low-paying jobs like working at a casino or selling street food, this was a way for Srey Pit to follow her childhood dream and focus on her own education.

She had always had an eye for beauty and dreamt of acquiring the necessary skills for doing makeup professionally. At Syna’s Styling School, Srey Pit was able to take several courses in hairdressing and makeup and was recently rewarded with an official certificate of completion at Syna’s salon.

Srey Pit also welcomed a baby girl this year. While we are supporting her with some necessary baby supplies, she is planning the next steps in her career and is going to take up work soon.

Read her story in her own words below!

My name is Srey Pit. Now I am 25 years old and I completed my studies at Syna’s Styling Salon.

I want to say thank you so much to this organization that supported my education to study makeup, haircutting, and everything it takes to become a hairdresser and makeup artist. This year I finished my course and got the certificate from Syna. I was so happy at the graduation because it meant a lot to me that I was able to learn so much about this skill and to have such a wonderful teacher. I was crying when I got my certificate because I never thought, that a poor girl from a rural village like me could ever achieve something like this.

I’m so happy about it and I don’t know how I can thank you enough. Now I will look for a job to work in makeup and beauty. Thank you for supporting me and my baby daughter during this time as well.

With Love,
Srey Pit

We are very proud of Srey Pit for completing beauty school despite all the turmoil and responsibility that she had to carry for her remaining relatives. In situations like this, it is very challenging for our students to focus on their own future and their own path. By understanding all of their unique stories and helping their relatives in times of need, we are able to ensure our students’ educational progress.

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