A Family’s Business Venture

After the Khmer Rouge regime in the late 70s, Cambodia was wiped out of most of its infrastructure and educational institutions. People who were educated or considered as such were actively targeted and executed during the genocide, leaving behind a traumatized and torn Cambodia, that has had to rebuild itself from scratch.

This is the reason, why many people of that generation never had the privilege of having access to education. Chantha was one of those people who was never able to attend school. All her life, she had to help her parents in their household and the rice fields. This actively affects Chantha’s life until today, as she is unable to find any kind of work with a reliable income without any form of educational background. Chantha is a single mother who not only has to look after her teenage daughter Any but also her father, who is suffering from several illnesses. On top of that, Chantha herself has been struggling with her health and had to undergo major cardiac surgery a few years ago with regular checkups and daily medication ever since, resulting in high costs, that the family can’t cover.

Thomlang – Cambodian Youth Support aims to support families in rural Cambodia through small investments for business ventures. Three years ago, we helped Chantha build a chicken coop, which allows her to raise chickens and eventually sell them to neighbors or on the market. Since then, we have also covered every single medical bill for her medication and health checkups, helped the family with maintenance work around the house, and bought a new water pump to supply the household with fresh water. Recently, we supported Chantha with yet another investment to buy piglets. In rural Cambodia, raising pigs and selling them once they’re fully grown is a promising form of income.

Additionally, we helped Chantha open a small shop in front of her house, where she can now sell cold drinks, snacks, and other necessities such as soap, shampoo, and toothpaste. While this is only a small business venture, people in the neighborhood like to stop by to stack up these items, leading to Chantha making a small profit every single day.

Through this unique approach, we aim to help Chantha and ultimately her daughter, who currently attends high school, gain a sense of stability and independence in their daily lives.

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