New Motos For Aung And Meng

As one of the poorest countries in the world, that has been decimated by long civil wars and autocratic regimes, Cambodia still lacks a developed infrastructure.

There is no public transportation implemented in its capital Phnom Penh, which makes it challenging for students to commute to school. Therefore, having a scooter or motorcycle is crucial in order to navigate through the big city.

Traffic in Phnom Penh
Street conditions in Phnom Penh
Street conditions in rural Cambodia
Rural dirt roads

Aung studies architecture at university and Meng studies mechanical engineering at trade school, and both students lacked reliable transportation. CYS was able to supply them with motos so that they can commute from their homes to and from school safely.

Through our flexible approach, CYS is able to support students in ways that are individual to each recipient. For Aung and Meng, the donation of these motos will have a lasting impact on their educational success.

Help students like Aung and Meng today by donating to CYS!

* Note: CYS is currently not paying for these student’s tuition fees, they receive scholarships from another NGO

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Phnom Penh Traffic –
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