Srey Oun’s Family’s New Road

One of the biggest problems in underdeveloped countries is poor infrastructure. To this day, most of Cambodia’s rural population has to maneuver on dirt roads. These unpaved roads not only accelerate the wear and tear on bicycles, motos, and cars, but also increase the risk of dangerous street accidents. Additionally, dirt roads in tropical countries such as Cambodia, where the rain season prevails every six months, get drastically flooded. These conditions make getting to school, work, and running daily errands challenging, and can often strand people in their homes.

Srey Oun’s family is one of those families whose everyday life is heavily affected by poor road conditions. With the help of our support, Srey Oun was able to fill the potholes on the dirt road to her family’s house with new earth and thereby create a stable and safe road.

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Image Attribution:
“Muddy road – fearless driver on his motocycle” by Greg Goodman