Yean’s Grade 12 Tuition

After having integrated Yean into our program last year, Thomlang – Cambodian Youth Support continues to secure the now 17-year-old student’s education.

Yean lives in a humble tin house about an hour outside of Sihanoukville with his mother Phors. His mother has worked very hard throughout the past years to provide for him and his sister Srey Nek, but due to a sudden financial crisis, she has been unable to cover her children’s high school tuition, which would have forced both students to drop out of school.

Thanks to your donations, Yean successfully completed 11th grade in December and started grade 12 in early January.

Read his story in his own words below:


My name is Yean, I am Cambodian and I currently live with my small family near Sihanoukville. My goal is to finish high school. Right now I am studying in grade 12. After that, my dream is to continue my studies at university because I think that learning more will be good for my future. But my problem is that my family is not very well off. My mom could not afford my high school tuition anymore. Therefore, I really need help to keep studying until I graduate.

I am so thankful that this NGO helps me. I really want to thank you for your help. No matter how small or how big your support is, it gives opportunities and strength to poor children like me. I promise that I will try my best to study a lot and get good grades and that I will never disappoint the people who have helped me so much!

Thank you so much!

CYS covers Yean’s tuition at Life High School until he graduates. We also provide him with school supplies and school uniforms. Since some of his lessons and homework are done virtually, Yean was in need of a smartphone, which CYS was able to supply him with. Additionally, we support Yean in participating in extra classes, where teachers tutor him in Math and Khmer. He is particularly excited to take part in one-on-one English lessons in order to improve his language skills for his future career prospects.

Extra tutoring lessons are beneficial in Cambodian schools, as classes often have a high number of students and teachers are unable to focus on all of their students’ learning progress accordingly.

Through your donations, CYS is able to ensure Yean’s educational success and ensure his graduation, which is a crucial requirement for his enrollment in university.

Support Cambodian youth by empowering their lives through education by donating to CYS today!