Supporting Ratana With A Moto

As one of the world’s least developed countries, Cambodia’s infrastructure is extremely weak. Rural areas throughout the country lack paved roads, which does not only cut off families in remote areas from markets or health centers but also increases the risk of road accidents drastically.

The capital Phnom Penh has been evolving fast, and most streets in the city’s center are paved and in decent condition. However, a well-organized public transportation system has not been implemented yet, which makes it a challenge for every Cambodian to reach school and work or run daily errands. Therefore, motos remain the most important form of transportation, despite being an expensive investment that not everybody can afford.

This was the case for Ratana. The 18-year-old received some financial support from her single-father and a small stipend from an NGO, but the budget was not enough to purchase a moto.

This is where Thomlang – Cambodian Youth Support stepped in to cover the remaining amount and enable the dedicated student to buy a used moto. Through her newly gained mobility, Ratana is able to attend a university preparation course and computer lessons as well as run daily errands and commute to university and back safely.

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