Zana Starts Kindergarten!

As reported in last week’s blog post, Thomlang – Cambodian Youth Support encouraged single-mother Dina to enroll in beauty school at a local hair and make-up salon. However, not having anyone around who could look after her 2,5-year-old daughter Zana would have prevented Dina from taking her course.

In an effort to empower Dina on her path to education and long-term financial independence, CYS decided to enroll baby Zana in Kindergarten at B.B.I. School in rural Kampot.

Every morning, Zana is picked up by a driver and spends four hours at Kindergarten with other children her age. She is being looked after and even started learning the alphabet, which is particularly exciting for the young girl. Zana has proven to be very ambitious for her age and can’t wait to learn how to read and write Khmer. Although this will still take many years, Dina is happy to see her daughter being taken care of, and can finally focus on her education.

Read Dina’s letter about her enrollment in Beauty School and Zana’s Kindergarten below:

Dear supporters of Cambodian Youth Support,

My name is Dina. I would like to write you this letter to thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting me with my studies.

I study hair, make-up, and nail technology at a salon in rural Kampot called Chenda Salon. I used to study this skill before when I was very young, but I never got the chance to work in the field, let alone get a certificate. This is the reason why it is good for me now to take lessons to regain my knowledge and improve my skills. I will try my best to study well.
I spend every morning and afternoon at the salon learning and practicing with customers. Because I am studying so much, I cannot look after my daughter Zana anymore. This was a problem for me because I didn’t have anybody to take care of her, so I was afraid to start studying. I am very grateful that you also helped me with finding a solution for this problem by putting her in Kindergarten.

Zana started Kindergarten in February and she looks so happy when she goes there. This solution is perfect because she already wants to be like a big girl and is very motivated to start learning. This way she is taken care of every morning when I study.

I am so thankful that you always support me and my daughter Zana. I am happy to see her grow up with the beautiful and safe life that she has thanks to your support.

I wish you good luck, a lot of energy, and all the best for the year 2022!
With love,

We at CYS understand the importance of being considerate of every aspect of our beneficiaries’ lives. In order for them to be fully focused on their education and building inner strength, they need to know that their family members are being taken care of. Therefore, on top of supporting Dina’s studies at Chenda Salon, CYS will continue to cover Zana’s Kindergarten tuition until Dina completes her cosmetology course and lands a full-time job.

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