Srey Pit’s Haircutting Classes

Thomlang – Cambodian Youth Support supports Srey Pit in obtaining a diploma in cosmetology at one of Phnom Penh’s best beauty schools.

Since December, Srey Pit has been taking makeup classes at Syna Styling Makeup Artist School and recently started haircutting classes as well. This course will broaden her skill set, bringing her one step closer to being able to work at any beauty salon imaginable.

As Srey Pit doesn’t have a traditional familial background that could provide for her during the course of her education, CYS has stepped in to ensure that all of the 23-year-old’s needs are met and she can fully focus on her studies. This means that we are using your donations to fully provide for Srey Pit since she’s not able to earn any money at this time.

CYS helped Srey Pit in finding a small room for rent in Phnom Penh and has been covering her rent ever since she started her cosmetology degree. We were able to provide her with room supplies, such as kitchen and bathroom supplies, a professional wardrobe, and school supplies. Srey Pit additonally receives a monthly allowance that covers all of her daily expenses, such as groceries, hygiene products, and medical expenses.

Phnom Penh’s infrastructure remains very underdeveloped, and public transportation does not exist in the district where Srey Pit lives. Therefore, it is crucial to provide the young student with a moto so that she can navigate through the big city, get to and from school and run daily errands to the market. It is particularly important for women to have reliable transportation, as walking long distances on the streets of Phnom Penh may put them in danger.

Take a moment to revisit Srey Pit’s letter:

My name is Srey Pit and I am 23 years old. I would like to tell you, that nowadays I am a student at Syna’s Styling Makeup Artist School. I really wanted to learn this skill because I love it a lot. I have always loved to play with makeup and try to style myself and my friends.

I hope that one day in the future, I can have a small beauty salon by myself. It truly is my passion to make people feel beautiful. But until then, I still have to study a lot and get experience.
I would like to say thank you to this organization for supporting me and my family. You always take good care of me, so it makes me very hopeful for my future. You believe in me and I think for this reason I will succeed to reach my goals.I promise that I will study hard!

With lots of love,
Srey Pit

Srey Pit’s story is a great example of how CYS’ work is both unique and encompassing to each individuals’ variety of needs. Due to Srey Pit’s underprivileged background, it is essential that our organization not only covers the student’s tuition but also considers her entire living situation.

We are proud to see Srey Pit follow her passion and grow confidence through cultivating her talent.

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