Supporting Gung With A Moto

Cambodia’s capital Phnom Penh has been making a lot of progress in recent years. International businesses and companies are attracted to the metropolis and offer a variety of high-pay jobs. Big investors are constructing new towers everywhere, which modernizes the city’s center fast.
A lot of money has been put into the improvement of Phnom Penh’s infrastructure. While most streets within the city are paved at this point, however, the city’s public transportation system remains extremely underdeveloped. Although a few bus lines have been implemented recently, the eight routes don’t come anywhere close to reaching all of the city’s inhabitants, let alone do they provide reliable timely transportation in the capital’s traffic-clogged streets.

Therefore, motos remain the most important form of transportation for Cambodians. However, motos are a big financial investment that most students can’t afford without taking out a loan. As was the case for Gung.

Read his story in his own words below:

Hello everybody,

My name is Gung. I am a psychology student and I also study English at the Australian Center for Education.
I asked CYS for help to buy a moto because I can’t afford it myself. If I don’t have a moto, there is no inexpensive way for me to go to school or the market every day. There are moto-taxis or tuk-tuks in Phnom Penh, but they are too expensive to use every day. Phnom Penh is too hot and polluted to ride a bicycle, and my schools are too far away to get there easily.

Therefore, I would like to say thank you so much to this NGO for supporting me with a motorbike. It really helps me every day.

All the best,

Through our flexible approach, CYS is able to support students in ways that are individual to each recipient. Through the distribution of motos, we believe that we enable Cambodian students in overcoming the challenge of commuting to and from school and work safely. Furthermore, we prevent them from getting into debt at a young age.
For students like Gung, the donation of a moto will have a lasting impact on his educational success and his independence.

Help Cambodian students today by donating to CYS!