Lihour’s and Lisah’s English School

Education is key to success, but that key doesn’t come for free. English language proficiency is crucial in any modern labor market, but many students in rural Cambodia don’t have the privilege of being able to afford high-quality language lessons.

Primary school students Lihour and Lisah are two ambitious young girls who already are planning for the future. They have the desire to start taking English lessons, in order to lay an important foundation for their careers.

Read their story in their own words:

Dear supporters of Thomlang – Cambodian Youth Support,
My name is Lihour. I am 14 years old and I am a 6th-grade student in primary school.

My family consists of five members: my dad, my mom, me, and my two younger sisters. I’m the oldest child in my family. My sister Lisah is 12 years old and is in 5th grade. My father stays at home to look after us and my mother works as a housekeeper in Phnom Penh.

Lisah and I would like to study English because we want to have good jobs in the future. Right now our English skills are very low and we really want to improve. But our parents can’t afford to pay for English school for us because they don’t earn enough money.

So I would like to thank you very much for your kind support. We are so happy that you help us to attend English school.

We wish you good luck and all the best,
Lihour & Lisah

Thomlang – Cambodian Youth Support covers Lihour’s and Lisah’s tuition at Asean International Academy in rural Kampot and provides them with necessary school supplies. This way, CYS is able to empower these dedicated students in pursuing their goals.

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