Aung’s English Course

English language proficiency has long become a necessity in Phnom Penh’s growing labor market. Especially for a student like Aung, who is an Architecture student, English language fluency will open doors for working with international real estate firms in the future. That’s why we encouraged the 22-year-old to register at the Australian Center for Education, a renowned language school that rewards students with a language proficiency certificate upon completion of twelve language levels.

Read more about his story in his own words below!

Hello! My name is Aung. I would like to tell you about myself. I’m a student and I study Architectural Design at Norton University in year 3. When I’m not busy with my university classes, I study English too. I decided that I want to take up English lessons because I want to improve my English to get better and better. Right now I am studying at ACE because ACE is a popular English school in Cambodia and the teachers there are known to teach very well. I think English is so important for my future because every job needs English. I think if I’m great at English I have a lot of chances to have amazing jobs in the future. 

Thank you for supporting me to improve my language skills!

All the best,

CYS will support Aung through the coverage of tuition fees and expenses for school supplies all the way through graduation, which will approximately be in two years from now.

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