Seyla’s Shrimp Farm

Thomlang – Cambodian Youth Support aims to provide young Cambodians with the resources and tools needed to follow their unique goals. Last year, we were able to support Seyla, an aspiring farmer, with the funds to build his own frog farm. His long-term goal is to continuously grow his farm and sell various kinds of seafood as well as vegetables and fruit.

In the past year, Seyla has been able to successfully grow his frog farm to the point, where he doesn’t have to purchase tadpoles from suppliers any more. His frogs breed and keep his population consistently high, which allows him to sell both tadpoles and frogs to local customers.

In order to help Seyla, who welcomed his first daughter with his wife Srey Nong earlier this year, take the next important step in growing his business, CYS financed the construction of new tanks and the purchase of juvenile shrimp from a hatchery.

Read more about Seyla’s experience and goals in his own words below:

Hello, my name is Seyla.

I have been working on my frog farm for 1 year already. Now I don’t have to buy any tadpoles anymore because I have enough frogs that breed and keep my frog population high. And I already have some customers who come to buy my tadpoles to breed frogs themselves. I also sell the grown frogs to customers who want to use them as food in their restaurants or for their families.

I am using the money that I earn to provide for my small family and to grow my business. This year, I wanted to extend my farm by adding shrimp to my farm. I saw that the market for shrimp is great, and that seafood is in high demand. Thanks to your support, I could build new tanks and buy shrimp. I take care of them, feed them and hope that they will breed a lot too. I hope that our results will be good. And I wish that this decision will be a good way for my business.

I would like to say thank you to this NGO for the support this year and last year and for helping me with the money to start my own business. Thanks to you, I have frogs, shrimp, and fish on my farm.

Best wishes from,

At the moment, Seyla works at a factory in order to earn more money to grow his business in the future, while his wife and mother-in-law take care of the farm. Through carefully and consistently growing his small farm, Seyla will be able to create a sustainable and reliable income for himself and his small family. The 22-year-old farmer has a keen business sense and has been growing his farm independently through the purchase of fruit trees and crops. The addition of a shrimp farm will help him cater to a market of new customers and support his family.

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