Srey Nich’s HR Internship

Thomlang – Cambodian Youth Support supports young Cambodian adults through the entire process of applying for jobs, from writing cover letters to preparing for interviews. In the past, we already helped Srey Nich land a part-time job as a teacher assistant at an international English school for 2,5 years. She was able to learn important lessons about work ethic, teamwork, and working in an international, multi-lingual workplace.

After a while, however, it became the management student’s priority to gain more experience in a field, that she felt particularly passionate about: the Human Resources department.

Last July, CYS was able to assist Srey Nich in applying for an internship position at the renowned University of Puthisastra.

Read about Srey Nich’s experience in her own words below!

Hello everybody! My name is Srey Nich and I would like to tell you about my internship.

I have been working as an HR intern for 10 months already. I have improved a lot in this position. I know which tasks and responsibilities the HR team has: payroll, compliance, recruitment, training, and more. I know how to orient new staff, I have joined many workshops, and sometimes I even work with compliance. I can’t do the payroll entirely on my own yet but I know how to prepare the necessary documents and I know how to handle salary raises. I am not yet part of the panel that interviews potential employees but I know how to process their data and I can help prepare the list of shortlisted candidates. I have also improved my computer skill a lot because I have to work on the computer every day. I feel very comfortable at my workplace and I love it so much.

Thank you so much for helping me apply for this position and prepare for the job interview.
With love,
Srey Nich

Srey Nich truly has a busy schedule: she works at the University of Puthisastra every morning, attends English classes at the Australian Center for Education in the afternoon, studies Management at the National University of Management in the evening, and takes Chinese classes at the Cam-Asean Institute on weekends. She is extremely focused on preparing herself for a prosperous career and we are excited to be able to support her on her journey.

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